Health Centre & Policies

TAt STS , the health of our children is an utmost priority.

Health Centre & Policies

At STS , the health of our children is an utmost priority. The following are the main features of our health policy:

  • If the child has a temperature, parents are requested not to send him / her to school, even to attend an exam.
  • Similarly, students who are suffering from infectious diseases should not come to school. In case a student is found to have an infectious disease during school hours, he / she will be asked to go home immediately.
  • However if the illness is of a serious nature, the parents will be informed and will have to take the child home.
  • Parents must inform the school of previous surgeries, chronic illnesses, allergies or conditions that their child might have – whether these are physical, learning related or emotional – in order to prevent further harm, deterioration or life–threatening situations. Parents should instruct the Class Teacher on any emergency medication that their child needs.

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