Our Community

The Core Values that are integral to STS embrace multiculturalism and differences. We work towards fostering a sensitivity that will make our children responsible members of the local and global community. A respect for the environment is built into the curriculum, and a concern for society is strongly instilled in our children.

Apart from a feeling of wider citizenship, a strong sense of community binds our students, parents and the school together. We constantly work in an active partnership with parents and teachers towards examining, reflecting on, and strengthening our practices. This contributes to the creation of a vibrant, supportive and dynamic STS community fulfilling our Core Purpose to maximise the children’s potential.

In order to achieve these objectives, we have generated interactions at various levels:

Parent-School Interactions

  • At the beginning of the year we share our Balance Scorecard with parents.
  • We conduct parent orientation programmes at the onset of the new academic year where we share our policies, curriculum practices and approach to education. Parents are introduced to the faculty, and the results of our achievements in the previous year against the Scorecard are highlighted.
  • As we close the academic year, we send out a detailed Parent Satisfaction Survey to get feedback from parents on every aspect of the school’s functioning.
  • We provide information on a weekly basis of what the child is learning at school.
  • School work is sent home on weekends for the parents to review.
  • We provide feedback to parents on how to monitor and discuss schoolwork with their child
  • Through our NURTURE workshops we explore ideas on positive parenting, helping parents recognize and build upon their child’s strengths and providing them tools and information to help address emotional, social or educational issues.
  • STS parents with their wide range of interests and skills provide a rich bank of resources to inspire, motivate and direct our students at different times – through guest lectures, as volunteers at school events, field trips, internships, community outreach, (specifically Robotics, Media, Environment) at reading programmes or projects that students are engaged in.

Student-School interactions

We give periodic assignments that are interactive and require students to demonstrate what they have learnt. We encourage students to set personal benchmarks and targets and share these with their parents and teachers. The Spirit of STS is manifested through collaborative pursuits – literary, artistic and intellectual. This includes School Houses, which function as teams for intra-school competitions, Assemblies, the Tournament of Minds etc.

Parent-Teacher interactions

The channels for parent-teacher communication are manifold and happen through

  • Periodic parent-teacher conferences,
  • Written communication through the diary and email, on the telephone during school hours, and
  • One on one meetings on request during school hours.
  • Our ERP School Management System.